Tomac Amphora (2017)

Tomac Amphora (2017)

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The wine from amphorae is not a novelty, rather a long tradition of about 5000 years. Originating from Georgia, and it is considered that Georgia, as well as the entire territory of the Caucasus, ancient land of vines, from where they were taken by the Greeks.
Winemaker Tomac says: "The reason my father and I decided to use these containers is that wine lovers want to offer one hundred percent natural wine produced virtually without any human intervention, exactly what they were drinking in ancient Greece and Rome. Superb wine connoisseurs around the world pay with pure gold, as it is very rare and exceptional in quality. "
Macerated for six months in amphorae and almost a year and a half matured in wooden barrels.
Bouquet is extremely complex: from lightweight oxidative lines, over apple and quince, to spicey, tertiary aromas, which will strengthen with years.

Food pairing: Roasted Fish, game, steaks, as well as a fine white meat dishes.

Grape variety traminer, or sauvignon and various old indigenous vines
Residual sugar dry
Alcohol 12,5%
Size 0,75L
Serving temp. 14-16 ÂșC

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