Roxanich Malvasia Classica (2006)

Roxanich Malvasia Classica (2006)

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People used to the fruitiness of modern white wines will not immediately understand this wine. But, give a glass of Malvasia Classica to an old peasant from any Istrian village and he will surely tell you: “This is real wine! Not a perfumed fruit juice like most Malvasias these days”.

Prolonged contact with the Malvasia skins (maceration) of 26 days is responsible for an intense gold yellow color. Only indigenous yeast, already present on the grapes, was used in the fermentation. Lately, these macerated wines are also called orange wines.  In the glass flows slowly. The nose is intense and complex, mysterious -uncommon aromas are waiting to be discovered. I like to get challenged right from the beginning. Long maceration did not completely erased primary aromatics of Malvasia – acacia flowers is discretely present, but there’s no fruit at all. Rather, scents of dried mushrooms, dry hay, Mediterranean garrigue, forest floor and wet clay dominate, all intertwined with subtle ethereal components similar to varnish, natural gas, essential oils and hot chilly. In the mouth it is more intense than in the nose. Dry, warm, full bodied, savory “umami” feeling. A certain lack of acidity takes away a bit of agility (alcohol becomes too obvious) and makes it a bit heavy to drink, especially without food. So please, drink this wine with some food and preferably in the autumn or winter. Very long persistence. Beautiful minerals create a mouthwatering and clean finish.

This wine is not produced anymore!!! - Very limited quantity available

Food pairing:  Asparagus risotto or fish like orata and baraj.


Grape variety Malvasia istriana
Residual sugar dry
Alcohol 13,8%
Size 0,75L
Serving temp. 14-16 ºC

With a lifetime’s love of great wine, particularly the wines of the Rhône Valley, as well as a passion for the terroir of his native Istria, Mladen Rožanić searched for a long time to find the right terrain on which to plant his vines according to the extensive knowledge he had acquired as he travelled and learned from great winegrowers around the world.
Subsequently 26 hectares of vineyards were planted over a four-year period in west Istria near Višnjan, an ideal region for Mladen’s purposes, thanks to its superb climactic and geological conditions.
Roxanich produces natural wines from both indigenous and internationally recognised grape varieties all in line with the highest ecological standards, cultivating the grapes using traditional methods with crop control and minimum intervention. In the winery, mechanical and chemical intervention is excluded. Grapes are stored in specially shaped barrels, aged wooden vats of 55 to 75 hl capacity, where maceration and fermentation take place. After pressing and first decanting, the wine is re-stored in these same vats as well as 38 hl casks where it is kept to age for three years.
These wines are characterised by long skin contact which varies from vintage to vintage – 4 to 6 weeks for the reds, and for the whites from 8 days for the Chardonnay up to 174 days for both Malvazija Antica and the brand new cuvée ‘Ines in White’ named after Mladen’s wife Ines. Rich aromas, extraordinary colours and full-bodied flavours give these wines their truly unique personalities.
From the first 2005 vintages that came out of the cellar in 2008, Roxanich’s natural wines have been enjoying wide success worldwide.


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