Rizman Primus Plavac Mali (2012)

Rizman Primus Plavac Mali (2012)

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As its name suggests, Plavac mali Primus is the first wine produced by winery Rizman. The idea that the name Primus would only be used for the first harvest of our winery has been translated into a decision that Primus would remain the synonym of our wine produced from the sort Plavac mali.

Primus is produced exclusively from grapes from our vineyards of the sort Plavac mali, which are located in the south and southwest slopes with inclinations of up to 40%, in the locations from Raba to Komarna, which go all the way down to the sea. This unique terroir creates the preconditions for obtaining top quality grapes.

Food pairing: Roasted Fish, game, steaks, ham and a fine white meat dishes.

Grape variety Plavac mali
Residual sugar dry
Alcohol 13,0%
Size 0,75L
Serving temp. 18-20 ºC

The winegrowing tradition in the Štimac family goes back to the beginning of the 20th century. The first vineyards were planted by the great grandfather of the current generation of the Štimac family, Mihovil Mijo Popich, known by his nickname Rizman. Rizman was born in 1885 and lived a full and long life. He lived to be 96 years old. He lived in a family house in Opuzen in the valley of Neretva, where the vineyards were located. When the vineyards were devastated by vine disease (peronospora), Rizman was forced to emigrate to America, as were most residents of South Dalmatia.
He came back to Opuzen in 1918 and continued planting new vine. In his vineyard, Rizman cultivated eight thousand vines. Working in the vineyard was hard, and it took a lot of effort for Rizman to transport the grapes with a hull to a tavern in Opuzen to be processed. There he made wine by himself and sold it.
The Rizman winery once again started its production in 2006, skipping an entire generation of the Štimac family. A new vineyard was planted in new locations, the necessary infrastructure was built and a completely new winegrowing region was created in Croatia. The Štimac family is the first investor and ideological initiator of the new winegrowing region, which includes more than 80 hectares of vine plants in 2012.
After planting the vine plants and constructing the infrastructure, which includes a private water spring, a winery with modern equipment was also built in the vineyard. It bears the name Rizman in memory of the first winemaker in the Štimac family

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