Plenković Zlatan cuvee red (2011)

Plenković Zlatan cuvee red (2011)

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One of Croatia’s best examples of Dalmatian coastal southern red wine, it is a little less bitter than single varietal classic Plavac at this price point, with it being completely dry with low residual unfermented sugar. The color is purple-burgundy with blue reflections, and the delightful aroma is unaccented, restrained, and discreet so it ends up being pleasant to all connoisseurs of good red wine.
This wine comes as blend of Syrah, Babić (an indigenous croatian variety) and Plavac Mali. Its freshness and medium-body aroma gives the Zlatan cuvee distinct and tipical aromas of which are darker cherry and raspberry fruits, currants, herbs, laced with the structure of the easily recognizable fine tuned tannins and earthiness that are ever-so-present in wines that comes from this area.

Food pairing: With steaks and roasted fish, game.

Grape variety Syrah, Babić and Plavac Mali
Residual sugar dry
Alcohol 13,0%
Size 0,75L
Serving temp. 18 ºC

In 1991 the Plenković family formed a horticulture company named Vitis, later changed the name to Zlatan Otok. Zlatan is a first name and Otok refers to island. Zlatan Plenkovic is the owner and winemaker. He has won the Croatian Winemaker of the Year award and has continued to place first or second since the award was started. Zlatan Plenkovic comes from a long history of family winemaking. In 1985 he decided to start making his own wines.
The first vineyards of the Plenkovic Winery have occupied slopes that are up to a 40 to 60 percent incline on the southern coast of the island.
Besides the initial Hvar, Zlatan has vineyards in the region of Makarska and Šibenik. Today he is producing around 900.000 bottles a year.
Since the foundation of the award »Best Croatian winemakers« Mr. Zlatan Plenković was annually among the best. In the year 2009 Mr. Zlatan Plenkovic was elected as Croatian wine knight and by the statute he entered into the order of great splendors of winemakers and can no longer compete for the winemaker of the year.


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