Vujnović Plame (2018)

Vujnović Plame (2018)

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This wine comes from winery Vujnović, resounding name Plame, made from indigenous croatian grape called plavac mali. Color and nose, Plame will let you think that you have a glass of wine replaced with glass of juicy sour cherries, but above all the typical taste of plavac mali, infused varietal, earthy-fruity aroma definitely will eliminate your doubts. Tannins are very much alive and present, although not wild but contribute to the long and powerful, perfectly focused afterteaste which makes great structure. Another important feature of this plavac mali is that the flavor does not liquefy. 

Great drinkability, as the dominant feature of Plame, leaves the impression that this is a nearly elegant Plavac, which is quite typical for the variety. 
Family vineyards extend in a zone where there is no industry, on the sunny slopes of wine-growing areas of island  Hvar.

Food pairing: Fish roasted or baked, game, if chilled it goes well with oysters!.

Grape variety Plavac mali
Residual sugar dry
Alcohol 13,0%
Size 0,75L
Serving temp. 18 ºC

Wineyards and winery from Vjekoslav Vujnović are located on the south end of island Hvar, far away from all the other well known producers. By using organical farming principles and spontaneous fermentation by wild yeasts, he captures the very essence of plavac mali grape. His wines are very well known for soft tanins where he stands out from the crowd. Be it his Ivan Dolac (top position single wineyard plavac mali) or his very well known Plame, also plavac mali - he manages to make superb quality wines, but in very limited quantity (total production less than 20.000 bottles).


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