Miličić Dingač (2012)

Miličić Dingač (2012)

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Pavo Miličić from Potomje on Pelješac is an ex-navy captain who after 30 years of seafaring changed the rudder for winegrowing and wine production. Although the Dingač itself is an exceptional location for winegrowing, there are nuances in grape quality even within it. On these exceptionally valuable wine growing locations Miličić has a total of 15.000 vines (and additional 50.000 on other locations on Peljesac).

The wine has a compact, ruby color and excellent consistency. Classy aromas immediately reveals the fullness and strength of Plavac Mali from the finest locations on Pelješac. The bouquet mixes spice tones of orange peel and carob, along with smoke tones of leather and roasted almonds. Currently he is using a mix of French and Hungarian oak of which the Hungarian is being phased out in favor of the French.  

The high percentage of alcohol (15,1%) is well integrated with other structural elements. On the palate it is rounded, smooth and finishes with solid length, dry and mouth-puckering. The wine is already very smooth, but you shouldn’t rush with the drinking, because it has potential to last. Like with all Dingač wines, it needs some time to mature in the bottle.

Food pairing: stronger meat dishes, like red meat dishes, beefsteak, smoked ham.

Grape variety Plavac Mali
Residual sugar dry
Alcohol 15,1%
Size 0,75L
Serving temp. 18 ºC


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