Mihalj Graševina (2015)

Mihalj Graševina (2015)

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Kutjevo is famous for its long wine making tradition and excellent white wines. Recently a new generation hit the scene, small family producers with individual approach. One name stands out - Mihalj. Father and son duo has been sweeping awards for their Graševina. Their cellar is still quite simple compared to some bigger names, but their enthusiasm, friendliness and kindness will charm you.

Branko Mihalj is a different winemaker than the rest. His Grasevinas reach the market a full year after most of the others. Because of Grasevina’s high-yield tendency, he regularly performs green harvesting, when he tosses to the ground a large portion of the yield so the remaining grapes in the real harvest are of as good a quality as possible. Because of this approach, his wines are always ripe, full, powerful and rich.

Its color is yellowish with hints of gold. Its scent is rich and attractive, exuding maturity, ripe fruitiness, with gentle floral tones. In the mouth it is the pure essence of a Kutjevo terroir.  It has a rich and ripe taste with a firm backbone of minerality. That minerality is a key factor which makes Kutjevo’s Grasevina different than those of other vineyards, and it’s fantastically expressed in this wine.

Food pairing: With clams, crabs or cooked white fish without sauce.

Grape variety Graševina (Welschriesling)
Residual sugar dry
Alcohol 13,5%
Size 0,75L
Serving temp. 8-10 ºC

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