Laguna Festigia Merlot (2016)

Laguna Festigia Merlot (2016)

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The merlot grape is too forgiving. It adapts so well to different growing conditions that it is rare to find a pure, elegant expression of its natural charms. Even in its home on the Bordeaux right bank, there is so much over-extraction that it comes across as a heavily made up drama queen, rather than the elegant young dinner companion that nature intended.

Here in the prime Laville vineyards of West Istria, with warm soil cooled by coastal breezes, the merlot retains its modesty even in a summer as all-embracing as 2009. So this Vina Laguna Festigia Merlot is round but supple, full-bodied but with a juicy acidity that makes for an elegant finish – on palate and special occasion alike.

Food pairing: Lamb, stew, dark meat poultry (duck, goose).

Grape variety Merlot
Residual sugar dry
Alcohol 13,9%
Size 0,75L
Serving temp. 18 ºC

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