Kozlović Malvasia Istriana Santa Lucia (2011)

Kozlović Malvasia Istriana Santa Lucia (2011)

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It is important to serve it at its ideal temperature and at the right time. This wine is not to be served at the temperature lower than 12 C, and the bottle needs to be opened half an hour before consumation in order to get the full Santa Lucia experience. In terms of colour it is golden with hints of lemon yellow. The enchanting and complex scent consists of many aromas. From floral tones of elder through spices such as green tea, anise and sage to a web of fruity elements like peach, apricot and banana. The flavour offeres an intense richness without any massiveness or greasiness.

It has a full body and an intense minerality. It starts with a mineral and spicy tones but at the same time it expresses a ripe fruitiness supported by rugged minerality. Consequently it ends with a light saltiness leaving you with a soft bitter note in the aftertaste. This rich and steady wine leaves you with a sensational aftertaste that lasts for minutes after taking a sip. It`s intensity might still be a little too pronounced but with maturation in the bottle for aproximately five years the wine should lightly soften and reach it`s peak, while it`s life potential surely exceeds ten years from harvesting.

Food pairing: Stuffed squid, grilled molluscs, grilled fish, roasted chicken and turkey with crunchy skin, spiced veal, shark.

Grape variety Malvasia Istriana
Residual sugar dry
Alcohol 14,6%
Size 0,75L
Serving temp. 12-14 ºC

Kozlović philosophy is embodied in the family's history, a family that knew how to hold together, working towards a common goal; nurturing the value of their toils, effort, resolution and competence. Their work and development is based, in this regard, on an innate inclination to live beyond the borders and conquer new horizons in the world of wine making.This history, adopted by the descendants as their own, continues and finds its confirmation from day to day, bonding the past, present and future.


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