Karaman Dubrovačka Malvasija (2021)

Karaman Dubrovačka Malvasija (2021)

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It is very rare and only grown in a few other places, most notably a handful of vineyards in Tuscany and on Spain's Canary Islands. For centuries it has been used as the primary grape in the ancient passito style sweet wine recipe for Croatia's legendary Prošek. The fact that the grape produces sunnier wines than those of its more northerly sibling with deep richness and almost candied ripe fruit accounts for this.

Niko's vines are located in the uniquely cool Konavle valley near the southern most tip of Croatia. His un-contrived style of wine making allows the subtlety of this unique grape to shine without the mar of oxidation too common among whites from the area or the overly reductive "New Zealand" often employed by more "modern" operations. While dry, the nose is of sweet ambrosia and the rich mouth coating texture leaves the impression of sweetness.

Food pairing: Roasted chicken with potatoes, meatloaf with cottage cheese, cured ham.

Grape variety Dubrovačka Malvasija
Residual sugar dry
Alcohol 13,5%
Size 0,75L
Serving temp. 10-12 ºC

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