Duboković Moja B (2015)

Duboković Moja B (2015)

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Loads of white pepper, preserved lemon and hazelnut, which together make a really interesting combination.  

If you leave it in glass for a while, you will found that it developed some spicy, peppery notes and aromas of baked green apple.

"Moja B" is an acronym for the autochthonous variety Bogdanuša that comes from the island Hvar.

Food pairing: seafood, appetizer or cheeses.

Grape variety Bogdanuša
Residual sugar Dry
Alcohol 11,3%
Size 0,75L
Serving temp. 10-12 ºC

Ivo Duboković is Croatia's leading boutique winemaker and certainly one of the most serious one in Croatia.
His vineyards are located on the island Hvar, one of the warmest and sunniest islands in the Adriatic spreadinog over microlocalities of Sveti Nikola and Medvid bod. Soil structure ranges from limestone pebble, white sand with small percantage of red soil, giving an ideal nutrition source to indigenous varieties such as Mali Plavac Drnekusa, Parac, Kuc, Bogdanusa and Marastina. Dubokovic prefers that his wines are dense, bold, with a fuller body and structure, therefore he leaves grapes on vines till late September through the October.


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