Carić Plovac Ploški (2012)

Carić Plovac Ploški (2012)

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The Plavac Mali comes primarily from the Plaže, steep stony south facing sites that family Carić farm by hand and without synthetic treatment. The largest holdings are in the Zavala area near the famed Ivan Dolac vineyards. The amount of sun is staggering at these expositions, to the vines are head-trained to protect the fruit. Cover crops are encouraged (rosemary, sage, fennel,...) and all the work on these steep slopes is manual. Due to the extreme winds and drainage, little to no spraying (sulphur) is required.

Plovac Ploški, derives from the name of the grape variety, Plavac (Mali), and the word Plaže (the vineyard area), so what it really means is “Plavac from Plaže". Since time immemorial Carić has tended grapevines on the Croatian island of Hvar. This pure Plavac Mali, local red grape is fermented with wild yeast and aged in large old barrels for two years minimum. In every vintage you can taste the wind, sun, sea, and the Mediterranean biodiversity surrounding these Island vineyards."

Food pairing: “pasticada”, lobster stew, cuttlefish risotto or barbecue..

Grape variety Plavac Mali
Residual sugar dry
Alcohol 15,0%
Size 0,75L
Serving temp. 18 ºC

The Carić family has been producing wine ever since, but with the establishment of the Vino-Hvar company d.o.o. they start to produce their own wines, known as CARIC WINES. Vineyards and wineries are just as important a part of their business. They cultivate about 5 ha of vineyards in different locations of the HVAR VINEYARD, while a smaller part of the grapes are purchased from subcontractors. They cultivate several autochthonous varieties, such as Plavac mali, Bogdanjuša, Kuč, Marašina, Darnekus and Posip. Each wine has its own story, from vineyards to wineries to their names. Their product range consists of 8 wines, each of which can find something for themselves, from everyday table wines to top quality ones that are drunk on special occasions. The original label was designed by famous Croatian painter Edo Murtić. Murtic's designs were redesigned by renowned Zagreb designer Nenad Dogan.

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