Baković Plavac Murvica (2009)

Baković Plavac Murvica (2009)

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Plavac Murvica of Hrvoje Bakovic is one of the better Plavac wines on croatian market. You will recognize it by the blue label with the photograph of Draceva luka, the 300 year old monastery, that marked a period of grater settling in Murvica on the island of Brac. The vineyards are 10 to 40 years old, and 2,5 hectares are under young plants.

The harvest of 2007 is still, following the same level of quality year in and year out, a high quality wine intended to be enjoyed. The pronounced fruitiness of the dark fruits, blackberries, impeccably clean, noble and with the pronounced varietal aroma and recognizability. The wine has a thick, garnet ruby reflection on the edges of the glass, well oiled. The barrique note runs discreetly from the flavor to the end of the sip and complements well with Plavac’s pedigree.

Food pairing: Roasted and spiced meat dishes, stews made of oilier fish, game sausages.

Grape variety Plavac Mali
Residual sugar dry
Alcohol 13,5%
Size 0,75L
Serving temp. 16-18 ºC

Hrvoje Baković, nowhere to see and spot, is making a sensational red from island Brač - a Plavac mali with very best idea of an elegant yet powerful Dalmatian red, which stands from the crowd of mass market wines produced everywhere.

Once tasted, you may notice the wild yeasts which made this fine wine full of terroir.


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