Šember Rose sparkling (NV)

Šember Rose sparkling (NV)

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For wine connoisseurs, this wine is the top of Croatian range of rose wines for several harvests in a row. Sparkling wine in the rose varieties is one of the most pleasant surprises this year, especially considering the modest competition in this category.

Continuous and long lasting pearls accompanied by darker pink salmon color, gives a logical preparation for wines with aromatic profile. Incorporated with the cheerful fruity components on the nose and a combination of extra-rich and ripe red apples and plums with a dose of seriousness and maturity present in the vanilla cookie notes. Moderate body is base for long lasting flavors of freshly squeezed pomegranate and raspberry mousse while aftertaste gives a taste of pleasant minerality.

Food pairing: Fish raw (sashimi), Oysters and other raw seafood.

Grape variety Pinot Noir
Residual sugar brut
Alcohol 12,5%
Size 0,75L
Serving temp. 6-8 ºC

The importance of wine growing was recognized by the family Šember, whose numerous descendants have, for more than a hundred years, been dealing with the indigenous production of excellent wines.
An important year in these activities was 1991 when they first emerged on the market with wine under their own label, and 1997 when they started with sparkling wine production.

Family Šember, counting 8 members, lives in Donji Pavlovčani in the vicinity of the city of Jastrebarsko. Tradition of production of quality grapes and wines is carried for generations with recognizable style.
A contribution to quality of their wines is the willingness of family members to be at the source of new technologies which aim to assist in creating of quality wines.

Numerous awards are a measure of value of our products, including not only the silver and gold medals but also the champion trophies won at the vocational assessments at international wine fairs in Croatia and abroad, the highest in Slovenia and Hungary.
Family Šember participated in numerous exhibitions and assessment of wine in which they have achieved exceptional results, numerous awards and prizes.


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