Antunović Pinot Noir (2009)

Antunović Pinot Noir (2009)

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The Antunović family grows grape as the only raw material for winemaking on their plantation spreading over 7 hectares of land. The vineyards are situated on the southern slopes of the hills of Dalj (from the viewpoint of pedology, these are foothills of Fruška Gora), more precisely there are two vineyard sites: Šušnjar and Busija located at the altitude from 120 to 170 m.

One of the specificities of the microlocation of the vineyards of Erdut is the watercourse of the Danube river that embraces this area on three sides, thus influencing weather conditions, which is revealed by the reflection of sunrays, wind rose and air humidity. An additional flavour of the wine is provided by the composition of soil, that is eroded Chernozem, which is moderately rich in humus but pretty rich in minerals and microelements.

Being the favourite of the most tenuous wine lovers, this red wine may in good vintages arouse extraordinary sensations – profound wine with the medium ruby colour, containing the flavours of sour cherry, strawberry and cherry, characterized by light tannins and soft acids. Ripening in barrique barrels matches notes of vanilla and oak, so such wine is rather full-bodied while inox barrels ensure wine freshness and softness and thus stimulate senses.

Food pairing: fish, poultry, particularly duck, veal with gravy, pork, beef, lamb, game-foul, hard cheese and mushrooms.

Grape variety Pinot Crni (Pinot Noir)
Residual sugar dry
Alcohol 13,7%
Size 0,75L
Serving temp. 16-18 ºC

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