Grande Madirazza Dingač  Riserva (2011)

Grande Madirazza Dingač Riserva (2011)

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Dingač is probably the most famous Croatian red wine in the world. It was named after a geographic location, the Dingač wine region. Madirazza Dingač is made  from fully ripened Plavac Mali grapes, harvested at the time when the grapes start turning in to raisins. Vineyards of Dingač sits on the southern slopes in the middle of the Pelješac Peninsula. The slopes are extremely steep, descending towards the cliffs on the seashore. This has a great impact on the quality of the grapes.

Non-transparent, dark red in colour. When you swirle the glass, wine slides down the sides revealing a thick, rich structure and fruity aromas of blueberry, blackcurrant and cherry blended with sweet and mature aromas of jam and prune. After a while a different herbal aroma of mint, black tea, mild pepper, fennel and coffee appears.,

Food pairing: Roasted and spiced meat dishes, stews made of oilier fish, veal, beefsteak.

Grape variety Plavac Mali
Residual sugar dry
Alcohol 14,5%
Size 0,75L
Serving temp. 18 ºC

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